Centre Picasso – Horta de Sant Joan

Josep Palau i Fabre

Josep Palau i Fabre (Barcelona 1917-2008). Poet, writer, essayist and playwright. He is considered one of the greatest international experts on the work and personality of Picasso, about which he published more than twenty books, which have been translated into several languages.

His personal help and his work have been decisive in the creation and development of the Centre Picasso d’Orta.

Fundación Palau (Palau Foundation)

The Foundación Palau was inaugurated in May 2003 and is intended to conserve, exhibit and disseminate the art and documental collection of Josep Palau i Fabre.

Part of the art collection of the Foundación Palau is on permanent display. The permanent exhibition begins with the Barcelona of 1900-1936, which takes us on a tour through the cultural and social context in which the young Palau i Fabre developed. Here, in the permanent exhibition, we also find the works of his father, Josep Palau Oller, and authors  such as Torres García, Mompou, Rebull, Nonell, and Nogués, amongst others who were part of his artistic environment.

The works of the great painter are presented in the Estimado Picasso (Dear Picasso) room. In addition to contemplating the various creative techniques that Picasso used, we can appreciate the really enormous work of Palau on Picasso and witness the long friendship between them.

The Palau Foundation also includes an important documental and bibliographic collection on both Picasso and 20th century Catalan art and literature, aimed at both national and international audiences, and organizes temporary exhibitions, conferences and other cultural events which may be to do with any of the various aspects of artistic creation, be they in the field of the  plastic arts, theatre or poetry.

Palau, Perucho and Salvadoret, the brother of Manuel Pallarès, in Horta.